Lori Sackler

“Lori Sackler’s advice on overcoming the money taboo will not only help families successfully transfer wealth and deal with all of life’s transitions, but actually become happier in the process.”
Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage, leading expert on the connection between happiness, success and potential; his “The Happy Secret to Better Work” is one of the top 25 TED Talks of all time

“Lori Sackler masterfully delivers honest, timeless, and highly useful guidance that will help investors and their families successfully navigate crucial life transitions and financial decisions.”
David M Darst, CFA, managing director/chief investment officer American Partners and former chief investment strategist, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

“Lori Sackler provides many insights about how families can cope with the financial dimensions of what she calls ‘life transitions.’”
Richard Marston, James R.F. Guy Professor Emeritus of Finance at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and faculty director of Wharton Executive Education’s Private Wealth Management Program.

“The M Word for today, great information for helping families navigate the psychological impact money can have on your relationships.”
Dr. Gail Saltz, Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the New York Presbyterian Hospital, Weill-Cornell Medical College, and a psychoanalyst with the New York Psychoanalytic Institute

“Families for generations have struggled communicating appropriately about finances with no ‘manual’ to help, until now. Lori does an extraordinary job helping us navigate these discussions by giving us actionable ideas using stories so we can relate.”
Tim Wilkinson, CIMA® ACC®, executive director and senior business consultant, Invesco Global Consulting

“Lori Sackler’s new edition of The M Word: The Money Talk gives families exactly what they need: practical, actionable strategies for raising successful, money-smart kids.”
Charlene Scholtes Margot, MA, Parent Venture, co-founder and CEO

“Ms. Sackler tries to answer one of the most complicated personal-finance questions of all: How do you talk to your family about money?… The writing is straightforward and makes a compelling argument for having the money talk.”
Paul Brown, The New York Times


Praise for the First Edition

“The things you discussed in your presentation just energized me because it talked all around the topic of financial education… Your presentation was fantastic and I was really inspired that you have done with successfully engaging clients.”
—Sharilyn Burnum, financial advisor, Raymond James

“It was an absolute pleasure to have Lori speak at the w!se MoneyPOWER Conference for Financial Literacy in New York City.  Her diverse background as a radio host, author and financial advisor added a unique perspective on personal finance for the more than 200 educators in attendance.  Thank you!”
—Phyllis Frankfort Perillo, President & CEO, Working in Support of Education

“Not only did Lori manage to tackle an incredibly important topic, but she also made an eminently readable book. I think it is Lori’s unique approach to capturing real life scenarios of families that were going through difficult periods that brought context to these important topics [and] made it really meaningful and interesting. I have to read a lot of these books and they’re often academic or analytical in nature, but Lori had a real life impact. I salute Lori because this is such an important topic.”
—Sterling T. Shea, Managing Director, Advisory Wealth & Management Programs, Barron’s

“[F]lawlessly prepared… really interesting… In other words… a big hit.”
—Phil Sievers, Director of Business Development, Seiter & Miller
on Lori’s keynote address at the 5th Annual Financial Communications Society Education Summit

“With extraordinary insight, wit, wisdom, emotional intelligence, and practicality, Lori Sackler here masterfully delivers honest, timeless, and highly useful guidance that will help investors and their families successfully navigate crucial life transitions and financial decisions. There is something for everyone in this brilliant book.”
—David M. Darst, CFA, Former Chief Investment Strategist, Morgan Stanley

The M Word should be on the bookshelf of every parent looking for guidance on how to talk to the next generation about money.”
—Eileen Gallo, PhD and Jon Gallo, Authors of Silver Spoon Kids: How Successful Parents Raise Responsible Children and The Financially Intelligent Parent: 8 Steps to Raising Successful, Generous, Responsible Children

“The words ‘wealth management’ are way overused in our industry. Most people think it relates only to how a portfolio is managed and what kind of return you can generate. This book goes way beyond how to manage a portfolio and gets into virtually every financial challenge one may need to be prepared to deal with in their lifetime. The use of real life examples makes the book even more compelling. Importantly, it also addresses the elephant in the room around most people’s financial planning: getting the entire family involved. A great book for every member of the family.”
—Charlie Johnston, Former President, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

“Money is a difficult topic for any family to discuss, whether it involves marriage, caring for family members, retirement, or estate transfers. Lori Sackler provides many insights about how families can cope with the financial dimensions of what she calls ‘life’s transitions.’ Her wealth of experience working with families is evident throughout her new book, The M Word.
—Richard C. Marston, James R.F. Guy Professor of Finance, Wharton School; Director of Wharton’s Private Wealth Management Program

“Lori Sackler gets that people really struggle to talk about finances and that failure to talk leads to much relationship angst. She has taken her vast experience and sensitivity and put it in an excellent guide to money communication and management. Families can spare themselves a lot of heartache by reading it.”
—Gail Saltz, MD, Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry, The New York Presbyterian Hospital; Today Show contributor

“Most financial planning books breeze over or ignore the really tough money decisions. Not this book. It tackles all of life’s major challenges to help you really plan your financial future, not just dream about it. Most financial planning books are targeted to the average household and never touch upon the subjects that are vital to you as your wealth level increases. The M Word goes the extra mile. The average American won’t have a meeting with a wealth manager, CPA, and estate attorney, but as your wealth increases, that is one of the most important steps you can take to secure your future. I’m ordering books for my sons and stepsons so we can have the ‘Money Talk’ Lori’s book encourages.
—Martin M. Shenkman, CPA, MBA, PFS, AEP (distinguished), JD, Estate Planning Attorney and Author of 42 books on estate and related planning

“Talk Me the Money! With insight and information, Lori Sackler in The M Word teaches us how to have essential, productive conversations about our financial anxieties and goals that will enhance our financial well being. Written in an engaging style with plenty of examples, The M Word is Must reading!”
—Hendrie Weisinger, PhD, Author of The Emotionally Intelligent Financial Advisor and Nerves of Steel: 21 Strategies for the Age of Pressure


Praise From Readers

“Reading your book just before the discussion really helped with the softer side of the discussion. From making sure the kids had plenty of time to speak, to language used (terminate life support versus pull the plug). And that is not to diminish the hard content at all. Your book and your speaking are very significant topics for us baby boomers.

“Having read Preparing Heirs and Beyond the Grave last summer, I have been preparing for a Family Meeting when the kids are home at Christmas. Your book will add much to the richness of the discussion. I’m a stereotypical engineer without much regard for feelings and interpersonal dynamics. I especially appreciate your guidance in those areas and will re-read the book before they arrive. Thank you.”
Tom in Ohio

“I want to thank you so much for writing your book. After reading it I felt compelled to finally sit down with my family to have the ‘money talk’ that we had been avoiding for years. We couldn’t have had better timing. Tragically, a few months later while traveling overseas, my husband fell gravely ill and passed away quite suddenly. Thanks to you, we had addressed many of the financial issues that would have gone undiscussed. My children each knew and accepted their roles in the transition. We cannot time these things, but with your book we can certainly learn to prepare for them, and for this, I thank you.”
Judith in Connecticut